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Top City - 1

Situated at near New Islamabad International Airport Top City-1 is at the junction of M-1 and M-2. This project is a golden opportunity to reside and invest.
TopCity-1 is a project that from its very beginning was a dream to deliver you the best, which could comply with all the future challenges and modern lifestyle. The actual development of the project commenced in 2012 and by the grace of Allah Almighty it is now heading for its climax. This housing project promises to be the most reliable, luxurious and wonderful product a Pakistani could afford. The trend of luxury and modern lifestyle has really killed the earth without kindness but TopCity-1 among all the other contemporary housing schemes is the only one where luxury and eco friendly environment go hand in hand. The new extension to Islamabad, TopCity-1, is an elegantly planned housing scheme unlike anything witnessed before. It is an exclusive housing society that provides you all you have ever dreamed for. It is not just a place it is a city within a city that promises to deliver you the best housing option and in this regard TopCity-1 shall spend the maximum resources, skills and expanses to maintain the unprecedented development and dedicated management.
our recent field trip to Top City-1 Islamabad gave us positive vibes about the new city already, with development on the rise; things are looking bright for investors and buyers alike. The New City’s Link to Kashmir Highway extension leading up to the New Islamabad Airport is an invaluable plus; and yet there are more reasons for investors and buyers to be interested in Top City Islamabad as their new destination.
We do have modern housing societies like Bahria Town and DHA doing well in the outskirts of Islamabad, yet the Top City could be for those who prefer a more “efficient” and “technology assisted” lifestyle. We have “public Wifi”, “e-health” service, “smart surveillance” and “e-government” – these are some of the many amenities Top City wishes to introduce here for the first time in Pakistan.
With steady progress going on at Top City-1, it probably isn’t a bad time for investors and home owners alike to think about investing in TOP CITY-1 – keeping in mind the property value could appreciate considerably once the Construction of Kashmir Highway project gets underway.
Development Status
The development of all sectors shows a reasonable steady progress, with the “B” sector taking a substantial lead. Top City-1 is now offering possession of properly in the B Block.
Land Value Appreciation over the last 6 months – An Overview

1 Kanal plots in Blocks B and C show an approximate 25% increment in value over the last six months or so, the prices of the 10 Marla plots in D & A Blocks for example have risen from 35 lacs to 50 lacs.
The 1 kanal plots in the Alpha (A) block show a price rise of 35 lacs to 75 lacs since November 2017.
The 1 Kanal plots in C Block show an average rise of 20 lacs with prices rising up to 35 lac from 60 lac back in last year 2016
The F block nearest to the Terminal Airport Building has shown a capital value rise of about 34 lac from 25 lacs last year.
10 Marla plot prices in E and F blocks have also increased significantly, especially in E which is considered a better option as compared to F block due to land condition. 10 marla plots normally cost around 22 to 24 lacs which is around 30% higher than the prices last year.
5 marla plots launched last year in E & H block as Top City-1 Fantasia have also seen some price increment, especially due to installment feature. The plots are a bit expensive though, however this is the only option available for those seeking installment option with a flexible payment plan. Prices of 5 marla plots have been revised to 20 lacs for fresh booking of limited options while the old ones are also being sold at a little profit.
Since the actual mega development is yet to be materialized i.e. functioning of New Islamabad International Airport, there is much room for growth in the months to come and the trend is expected to continue which makes it one of the most lucrative investment options available today.
For more details and queries on the project for clear and in-depth understanding of this investment, do make us a call, email or visit personally at our office in Office No.212 Block B Service Road Top city-1.

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