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Faisal Town in Islamabad is renowned as one of the most sought-after housing schemes in the area, owing to its strategic location, cutting-edge development work, and a strong reputation among investors. It stands out from other schemes due to its swift progress in offering exclusive commercial and residential opportunities, rivalling even high-end developments. The proximity to the New Islamabad Airport has been a significant factor contributing to the soaring plot prices in Faisal Town. Despite its already impressive features, the developers recognize the importance of continuous expansion and updating amenities to cater to the evolving needs of their valued investors. This dedication to improvement ensures that Faisal Town remains a prime choice for those seeking premium real estate options in the region.


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Zedem was established with the primary goal of stimulating investment in real estate and creating housing schemes of exceptional quality. Acting as a trustworthy and transparent platform, Zedem facilitates seamless transactions between buyers and sellers involved in real estate business related to Faisal Town. The company boasts a remarkable track record, successfully delivering prestigious projects such as Faisal Town, Faisal Residencia, Faisal Tower, and SEA Square. With an unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, Zedem stands at the forefront of the industry’s efforts towards building a greener and more sustainable future. Its dedication to excellence and innovation has positioned Zedem as a reliable and influential player in the real estate sector, ensuring the fulfillment of the highest standards for both investors and residents alike.

Projects by ZEDEM:

  • Faisal town
  • Faisal Margalla City
  • Faisal Hills
  • Faisal Residencia
  • Faisal Tower
  • Sea Square

Owner and Developer Of Faisal Town

Faisal Town Islamabad is an impressive real estate project owned by the renowned Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, a well-established brand in the real estate industry in Pakistan. With a successful track record, Chaudhry Abdul Majeed has undertaken and completed several prestigious projects in various cities across the country. Some of his notable projects include Faisal Hills, Faisal Residencia, Faisal Margalla City, and Sea Square.

Each of these developments has garnered a reputation for maintaining an advanced standard of living, showcasing modern designs, and reflecting the builder’s commitment to excellence. Chaudhry Abdul Majeed’s expertise in the real estate sector is evident in the quality and success of these projects, making them highly sought-after residential and commercial destinations.

Zedem International, the company behind Faisal Town Islamabad, has a visionary approach towards promoting sustainable growth in the real estate industry. They constantly aim to set new standards and benchmarks for the sector. As a result, any project delivered by this group is considered to have immense potential and offers a high return on investment (ROI), ensuring good profits for investors and stakeholders.

Overall, Faisal Town Islamabad, under the ownership of Chaudhry Abdul Majeed and developed by Zedem International, is an exciting addition to their portfolio. With the reputation of the builder and the company’s commitment to excellence, this project is likely to be an attractive investment opportunity and an ideal choice for those seeking a modern and luxurious living experience in the capital city of Pakistan.


The primary entrance of Faisal Town is conveniently situated on the main Fateh-Jang Road, in close proximity to the M1 interchange. This strategic location provides easy access to the housing scheme from major routes, making it highly accessible for residents and visitors alike. The prime position along Fateh-Jang Road ensures seamless connectivity to other areas in Islamabad and beyond, while also benefiting from its proximity to the M1 interchange, allowing for swift travel to different parts of the city and neighboring regions.

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Total Area

Faisal Town is a residential area that has been divided into two phases:

Phase 1: This phase covers an area of approximately 4747.04 Kanals. It is the first developed section of Faisal Town.

Phase 2: The second phase is much larger, spanning approximately 25000 kanals. It is located near the M2 motorway and is also close to the Thalian Interchange


Faisal Town is a reputable and approved housing project that has received the necessary authorization and No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). This approval signifies that the society has met the required legal and regulatory standards set by the RDA, ensuring that it is a legitimate and reliable development.

Faisal Town Islamabad is under the dominion of RDA, and its NOC is approved. Anyone can verify this information from the official website of RDA.  The society has an approved layout plan from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has approved measuring 11823.50 Kanal for “Faisal Hills” (FH), vide their letter No.RDA/MP&TE/F-PHS-TAX-02/966.

Its Environmental Approval is granted by Environment Protection Department Punjab vide letter No. DD (EIA)/EPA/F-65 (IEE)/2802/2014/579 dated 21st March 2014.


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It features two main entrances along the road, each serving different purposes and locations within the town.
Entrance to ZEDEM International Head Office
One of the main entrances of Faisal Town is strategically placed to lead directly to the main head office of ZEDEM International. This entrance is designed to provide easy access to the administrative and corporate hub of the company. ZEDEM International is likely a significant real estate developer or a prominent entity in the area. This entrance might be more substantial and well-marked, with proper signage and road infrastructure to accommodate the potential high traffic flow of employees, clients, and visitors to the head office.
Entrance near M1 Interchange:
The other entrance is located at a shorter distance from the M1 interchange, which is a major highway connecting different cities or regions. This entrance is designed to cater to the general residential and commercial areas of Faisal Town. By being closer to the M1 interchange, this entrance is convenient for residents, shoppers, and businesses, offering easy access to the town’s facilities and amenities.

Residential Sectors

Faisal Town is divided into three main residential blocks: Block A, Block B, and Block C. Each block has its unique characteristics and attractions for residents and investors.

Block A:

Block A is fully developed, and a significant portion of the plots are already in possession. The construction of houses is progressing rapidly, and a large number of people have already started residing in the society. Several renowned companies like Red Sun Associates, Gillani Associates, Win Win Associate, and Tanveer Associates are actively involved in constructing numerous commercial buildings, shopping malls, apartments, and villas in Faisal Town. This development and presence of various facilities make Block A an appealing choice for those looking for a well-established and thriving residential community.

Block B:

Block B is strategically located, adjacent to the M1 motorway. It is currently at a 100% delivery stage of possession, and many plot owners have already initiated the construction of their dream homes. With possession available, it has encouraged clients to promptly acquire their plots and start building their houses. The convenient access to the motorway and ongoing construction activities make Block B a promising investment for those seeking a well-connected and rapidly developing neighborhood.

Block C:

Block C has become a special attraction for stakeholders and investors due to its unique location and excellent road network. The future connectivity plan with Kashmir Highway and the New Islamabad International Airport adds significant value to this block. Additionally, the presence of a state-of-the-art Cricket stadium on a vast land area of 60 Kanal further enhances the significance of Block C and draws attention not only to the block itself but also to the entire Faisal Town. This combination of location, connectivity, and amenities makes Block C an enticing prospect for both residents and investors.

Road Network and Infrastructure Management

The town is designed to ensure smooth mobility and easy access to various parts of the city and neighbouring areas. Here are some key aspects of the road network in Faisal Town:

Main Entrance Roads: Faisal Town has well-defined main entrance roads that connect it to the surrounding areas and major highways. Fateh Jang Road serves as the primary entry point and is connected to the main commercial and residential sectors of the town.

Internal Roads: Within Faisal Town, there is a network of internal roads that provide access to different blocks, residential and commercial areas, parks, and amenities. These roads are typically well-paved and designed to facilitate smooth traffic flow.

Primary Roads: The primary roads within the residential blocks are wide and well-maintained, allowing for easy movement of vehicles and pedestrians. They are designed to accommodate both local residents and visitors.

Commercial Areas: Faisal Town has designated commercial areas with well-laid roads to facilitate businesses, shopping, and other commercial activities.

Connectivity to Major Highways: Faisal Town is strategically located and offers easy access to major highways and motorways, enhancing its connectivity to other parts of Islamabad and neighboring cities. For example, it may have direct access to the M1 Motorway or other major routes like Kashmir Highway.

Green Spaces and Parks: The road network is complemented by green spaces and parks, providing recreational areas for residents and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the town.

Infrastructure Maintenance: The authorities responsible for Faisal Town’s development typically ensure regular maintenance of the road network to keep it in good condition.

Salient Features

Faisal Town Islamabad offers a host of attractive features that make it an appealing and modern residential community. Here are some salient features that set Faisal Town apart:

Modern Commercial Areas: Faisal Town provides well-designed and modern commercial areas, offering residents convenient access to shops, restaurants, and various commercial establishments.

Branded shopping malls: The presence of branded shopping malls within the town enhances the retail experience for residents, offering a wide range of products and services.

Underground Electricity: The town’s underground electricity infrastructure not only enhances the aesthetics of the surroundings but also ensures a reliable and uninterrupted power supply.

Wide Carpeted Well-Lit Roads: The wide and well-maintained roads with smooth carpets and proper lighting ensure safe and comfortable commuting within the town.

Children’s Playland: Faisal Town provides dedicated play areas for children, allowing them to have a fun and safe space to play and interact. Parks: The inclusion of parks within the town provides residents with green spaces for recreational activities, relaxation, and community gatherings.

Hospital: Having a hospital within the community ensures that residents have access to medical facilities and healthcare services conveniently.

School: The presence of educational institutions within Faisal Town allows families to access quality education for their children without having to travel far.

Community Club: A community club offers a venue for social gatherings, events, and activities, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among the residents.

Gated Community: Faisal Town is a gated community, providing an added layer of security and privacy for its residents.

Security Systems: The town employs modern security systems to ensure the safety of its residents and their properties.

Owner and Developer of Faisal Town

Faisal Town Islamabad is a project owned by Chaudhry Abdul MajeedChaudhry Abdul Majeed’s name is known established brand in real estate in Pakistan. He has several continuing projects in different cities of Pakistan. A few of the best projects delivered by him are Faisal Hills, Faisal Residencia, Faisal Margalla City, and Sea Square. All these developments withstand an advanced standard of living with modern design ascribed to the builders’ achievement. Zedem International visualizes endorsing sustainable growth all the while setting new targets in the real estate industry. Any project this group delivers is the front of huge potential and high ROI, promising good profits.

Faisal town

Faisal Hills -A Project by Zedem International

Faisal Hills  is a housing project started by Zedem International. Faisal Hills is situated on the main Grand Trunk (G.T.) Road N-5 in the Taxila area of Rawalpindi. The project is planned for over 30,000 kanals of land alongside the gorgeous Margalla Hills. Faisal Hills was launched as a society in 2006 and has been going under further development since then. The project is famous for its extensive plan, and comfortable, relaxed, and extravagant lifestyle. Faisal Hills is embellished with the latest recreational and modern living facilities. The society has a lovely location and is encircled by natural beauty with a mesmerizing view of Margalla Hills.

Faisal Hills

Facilities in Faisal Hills

Some of the notable features that the authorities of Faisal Hills have promised are:


High security due to gated community


Electricity supply, Water & Gas


Jamia Masjid & Sector Mosques


Contemporary Sewerage System

Faisal Residencia- Another Project by Zedem International

Faisal Residencia is situated at the CDA Sector E-17 Islamabad. In particular, it is located in E-17/1 and E-17/4 of the CDA Sector, next to the Cabinet Division Housing Scheme. The society’s site is near Sector F-17 Islamabad, the MPCHS Tele Gardens Housing Society.

The area offers easy access to the city’s population via various routes that connect Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Furthermore, several alternatives lead directly to Faisal Residencia Islamabad, including those of the Fateh Jang Road and G.T Road.

This is not all. Faisal Residencia and its neighbor Tele Gardens may conjoin to offer a different method to reach them, benefiting both societies.

faisal residencia

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