MIECHS - Ministry of Interior Employees Cooperative Housing Society G-16 Islamabad

G-16 Islamabad, MIECHS- Ministry of Interior Employees Cooperative Housing Society was established in 1984 under the Cooperative Societies Act 1925. Developers created the housing society for employees employed by The Interior Ministry, so they could easily afford a plot and build their dream home in the area. This is a CDA-approved area, which is why it draws many investors.

G-16 overview

Sector G-16 is located at the edge of Kashmir Highway adjacent to Sector G-15. It is one of a few sectors separated by the Rawalpindi-Kohat Road. It runs from Tarnol Railway station to Tarnol Toll Plaza. It is located on the M-1 Motorway, parallel to the same road. 

Kashmir Highway connects with GT Road and GT Road Motorway through the Rawalpindi-Islamabad interchange.

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The location of MIECHS

The central location for G-16 is the most important reason people are drawn to this particular sector. MIECHS is situated on the Srinagar Highway close to the GT Road and Motorway. It is linked with the Tarnol Motorway Link Road as well.

G-16 Islamabad is located close to the Islamabad International Airport. The location of the society is the primary Draw point for investors since the residents are flocking to buy houses and plots of land in Zone II.

Another notable feature of the G16 MIECHS that is ideal is the fact that it is near the highway that connects the two cities of Rawalpindi. Rawalpindi This means that the two cities’ major attractions can be accessible from MIECHS G-16 Islamabad. The site of this housing development provides excellent value for money.

G 16 scaled

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MIECHS Availability

MIECHS G16 is accessible via all major landmarks within the Twin Cities, making it an extremely profitable option for residents of The Twin Cities.


Zero Point Islamabad (35 Minutes)


Quaid e Azam International Hospital (13 Minutes)


Saddar Rawalpindi (30 Minutes)


Islamabad International Airport (23 Minutes)

MIECHS Developers

The managing committee oversees the rapid development of this project. Additionally, the managing committee of this housing development is chosen every three years. The management committee holds regular general meetings annually to discuss and oversee the development progress at MIECHS G-16 Islamabad.

A managing committee has been appointed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). There are executive members of the managing committee responsible for overseeing the development of the development. They have worked hard to bring enormous benefits to the program by guaranteeing rapid development progress.

Development Status

One of the main reasons MIECHS is gaining immense popularity in the eyes of the masses is the speed at which it is developing. The project is entirely in operation, and plots are now being offered for sale.

Additionally, a small population has already settled at the site, which shows how this project could develop shortly. The process of creating this project is evident by visiting the area on foot.

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