Real Estate Consultants

Shakrial & Co, as construction consultants, helps clients make sound preparations for their upcoming projects. We guarantee that contractors finish the project on cost. We tend to provide cost estimations, draw budgets, select contractors, administer contracts, and resolve differences between contractors and project owners. Construction consultant service by Shakrial & Co is needed to provide voids in knowledge and performance needed to accomplish a promising project. We help reduce risk and make certain that each part of a project is finished to the highest and most acceptable construction standards. We accelerate timelines, assure quality and help investors achieve reasonable rates of return on their investment.

Property Tax Valuation

Property Tax Valuation is the process of evaluating the value of the property. We use many ways of estimating the value of a property. Valuation gives valuable insight to both buyers and sellers on how to calculate the approximate value of a house. While sellers can figure out where to put the price for their property, buyers can consider if their investment is deserving. We understand that the value of a home is defined by analyzing the prices of other matching houses in the area. This process is most generally employed in the case of residential properties. We gather relevant data for matching properties. Assets with size, location, conditions, building regulations, neighborhood, and utility are identified. Transaction features like transaction date, mean of payment, and processing speed are assessed.

Sale & Purchase

Shakrial Estate & Co provides Rent and Sale Purchase services that clients can use to help them achieve their respective objectives. Firstly, it is intended for property owners who wish to sell or rent their property. This service puts them in touch with future buyers or tenants. It accompanies you in all the procedures. The real estate professional finds clients draw contracts, and facilitates transactions and administrative functions. We put buyers and sellers in contact. As sales agents, we receive delegated authority to act in the client’s name and on behalf. In this role, we propose sale or rental offers to potential buyers regarding a property. We also ensure that the required measures and steps are taken for the sale or rental to be settled.

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Shakrial & Co works in the industry while we carefully ensure that the consumers are safeguarded. We know that real estate purchases are often the most expensive transaction the average person will make.