Jammu and Kashmir Housing Society-G-15

Jammu and Kashmir Housing Society or Khayaban e Kashmir G-15 is one of Islamabad’s most pursued housing projects. Islamabad is becoming home to land advancement, and new activities are everywhere. Society has the edge of being allotted on CDA-Sector G-15. It offers impeccable perspectives on Margalla Hills, the embodiment of living in the Federal Capital of Pakistan. This housing project was enlisted with Islamabad Cooperative Development, and it was as late that this housing project got endorsed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Jammu and Kashmir Housing Society Location

The ideal spot of the general public is one of the central points for its popularity. It is situated in the G-15 area of the CDA and on Srinagar Highway. It is a result of its area on Srinagar Highway that this housing project is effectively open from the F-15 area and is close to Srinagar Highway. Besides, it is also close to the associating street for Rawalpindi. This implies that it tends to be gotten to from every one of the significant milestones of Rawalpindi also.

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JKCHS Availability

You can get Jammu and Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society from every one of the significant areas in the Twin Cities, including significant clinics and instructive foundations.


Zero Point Islamabad (30 Minutes)


Quaid e Azam International Hospital (13 Minutes)


Saddar Rawalpindi (30 Minutes)


Islamabad International Airport (20 Minutes)

Advancement Status of JKCHS

Jammu and Kashmir Housing Society G-15 is nearly arriving at its fruition stage. The improvement work can be seen by truly visiting the area. There are constructed houses, and 1500 houses are now possessed. Society is inhabitable, and the inhabitants are living there are partaking in every one of the conveniences. The advancement began just after the endorsement from concerned specialists. Most plots are ownership prepared, and numerous financial backers have gotten their ownership to the general public.

Jammu and Kashmir Housing Society NOC

Jammu and Kashmir Housing Society is a protected venture since it has no lawful commitments. This housing project is being created on an endorsed CDA Sector G-15, which is supported by every one of the concerned specialists. Islamabad Cooperative Development likewise supports it under Cooperative Act of 1925.


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Jammu and Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society Features

One of the additional advantages of the area G-15 is its area. The inhabitants of J&K Cooperative Housing Society can, without much of a stretch, source the administrations from neighboring too. It is outfitted with every one of the cutting-edge conveniences and highlights.


High security due to gated community


Electricity supply, Water & Gas


Jamia Masjid & Sector Mosques


Contemporary Sewerage System

Shakrial & Co Representatives in JKCHS





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