WAPDA Town is a residential housing society registered as a Circle Registrar Co-operative ICT Islamabad under registration number 157, as per Letter No. 1978-81 /CR/B. Land acquisition and further construction in the WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Society began in February 1992.

The activities that run the Society are overseen and controlled via The Management Committee chosen by the AGM by all members of the Society.

The Elected MC also establishes sub-committees to distribute the workload. The sub-committees are comprised of elected executive members and outdoor specialists authorized by the Society’s authorities.

Owners & Developers of WAPDA Town

The owners are prepared to provide residents and investors with a suitable residential venture. Additionally, they are renowned for their ability to plan projects with the assistance of a team of experts and experts.

The master plan for this project for residential is designed to satisfy the requirements of residents and investors, particularly the employees in the WAPDA. It is a safe real property investment.

NOC Status of WAPDA Town

The no-objection certificate is an essential feature that investors must look at before committing to any real property investment. In addition, the housing association is a new legal venture through the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

The designers are also concerned about local’s and investors’ beliefs and faith. This housing association is registered with an official registration number with the Circle Registrar Co-operative ITCT Islamabad under registration number 157, as per Letter No. 1978-81/CR/B, dated 5-9-1983.

The entire record is available for the whole population to help clear up doubts. CDA’s name CDA is enough to know that the residential development is a viable and reliable real investment in real estate.

Payment Plan for WAPDA Town

The payment plan also provides an excellent investment opportunity concerning Blue World City Islamabad. In addition, the payment plan is incredibly affordable, thanks to the installment plan. Following the launch of the New Islamabad International Airport launch and the prices jumped. However, it also added value to the housing society. The price range starts at PKR 1,500,000/up to 10,000,000 PKR.

Location of WAPDA Town

WAPDA Town Islamabad is located around 35 K.M. away from Zero Point Islamabad towards North West. It’s about 10 K.M. to New Islamabad International Airport and approximately 1 K.M. from the CPEC Interchange.

The Society is directly connected to the M1 motorway via AWT-Paswal Interchange. The land that the Society owns is CDA designated Sector C-18/19.

  • Mumtaz City, 15 minutes away
  • Faisal Hills, 15 minutes away
  • The Top City-1 is 17 mins away
  • Multi Garden B-17, 15 minutes away

Main Objectives of WAPDA Town

  • The primary goal that is the primary goal of WAPDA department is to ensure uninterrupted electricity and water supply for our country. It is done so that people can be secure and have a pleasant life. To accomplish this, WAPDA is divided into two distinct domains:
  • Pakistan Electricity Power Company.

Both fields are responsible for managing and ensuring the correct supply of electricity and water.

Major Duties of WAPDA

The duties of WAPDA are to review and plan all working age groups as well as other organizations in the following areas

  • Transmission, generation distribution and generation of power.
  • The supply of water, Irrigation and drainage
  • Preventing waterlogging
  • Management of floods
  • Direction finding in the inland.
  • Water Wing

The water arm of WAPDA is in charge of developing, planning, and carrying out Water development initiatives. Dams also fall under the supervision of WAPDA.

Projects of WAPDA Housing Society

The following are the main initiatives that are part of WAPDA Water Wings;

  • Indus Basin Project
  • Mangla Dam
  • Tarbella Dam

All of these projects are developed and overseen under the supervision of WAPDA Water Wings. Water Wing also manages IBP’s important work in Mangla, the watershed project for management, Chashma Barrage, and the C.J. canal link.

Additionally, on average, WAPDA Town has started building insignificant dams across four provinces. Here are the projects of WAPDA which are significant across four areas.


  • Winder Dam
  • Naulong Dam
  • Hingol Dam
  • Garuk Dam
  • Pelar Dam


  • Nai Gaj Dam
  • Darawat Dam

Khyber Pakhtun khwa

  • Khuram Tangi
  • Tank Zam Dam
  • Daraban Zam Dam


  • Ghabir Dam
  • Papin Dam

Features of WAPDA Town Islamabad

Here’s a listing of the features that make up WAPDA Town Islamabad which create this Society with an original and reliable plan. To keep all the essentials and comforts under control, WAPDA Town Islamabad gives:

Business Plazas

Small business squares and plots are readily available within Society. Nearly four Commercial Plazas are being constructed in WAPDA, Islamabad.

The improvement work is in the beginning, and the construction work is in progress.

A Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is a piece of WAPDA Town, so the town’s residents can quickly fulfil their commitments. The mosque is organized as the main problem of Society.

Medical Clinics

The most up-to-date hospitals in WAPDA Town Islamabad take care of emergency cases and routine patients.


The Parks are the foundation of every building of WAPDA Town Islamabad. 100 Kanal Region is committed to creating parks that will give children a new and enjoyable environment to play in and enjoy their time in.


The streets are covered within the Society to make moving about convenient and practical. People can move swiftly, beginning with one place and moving on to the next without any issues or strains.

All Basic Facilities Available

No-frills and no-nonsense sewerage, water structure, phone lines, T.V. link, streetlamps and internet network are provided within the community.


WAPDA Town has Great doors to enter and exit, with 24/7 active safety guards always on the move. Surveillance cameras have been installed throughout the critical areas of WAPDA town in Islamabad to eliminate any defenselessness and keep away from anything that may cause discomfort to its inhabitants.

Food Courts

Food courts with cutting-edge technology in different regions help the inhabitants.

Shopping Malls

The development of several shopping centers is being planned as part of the project that covers all retail and utility requirements of people living inside the Society.

Schools and Universities

Government Girls Primary High School is located in Block A in WAPDA Town Islamabad to provide the best education to its students within a short distance from their homes.


WAPDA town is home to an extensive library that includes a collection of books covering various categories like science, administration, P.C., finance designing, Islamic, certifiable, and many more. Children can also enjoy reading books according to their preferences.

Why should you invest in WAPDA town Islamabad?

Some benefits and advantages of investing funds in this privately-owned property exist. In addition, the housing society is a fair development initiative managed by the Capital Development Authority. Knowing the legal requirements and financial partners is essential before investing. In addition, the fact that the installment plan is very reasonable.

Another enticing feature is the neighborhood is located near Islamabad International Airport, which also increases the value of the housing plan.


WAPDA has played an essential role in the development of Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan. It is streamlined with all the amenities a wealthy housing culture needs to provide a happy life for its inhabitants. It is home to the top colleges and schools for girls and boys to ensure that students benefit from a quality education with full professors and teachers.

 The Society includes parks in blocks ranging from A up to E. Parks have jogging trails, numerous games spots and workout zones, playgrounds, and walking areas for kids. Gyms and beauty salons in diverse blocks also cater to males and females.

 Many sizes of plots are available at affordable costs to make the most of investing in the development. Take your stake in WAPDA Town and live a safe future.

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