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We are approaching our third decade in the construction industry. We are fortunate that over these years we have remained committed and dedicated to the ” Quality and Integrity by professionals ” to enhance lifestyles to the diversified clientele. It gives me great pleasure to see the success of our previous projects in the construction industry of Islamabad and we as a team are delighted to announce ” TIME SQUARE RESIDENCE ” with a strong commitment to quality assurance and redefining the standard of living.

  • – Abad ur Rahman



TIME SQUARE RESIDENCE symmetry has given unique shape to the building and defines itself with the contemporary architecture style, to enhance new architecture elements to invite natural light floating down from the sky in a core of the building Atrium, which creates a unique way to experience vertical openness of one hundred feet space which allows building itself to breath and gives residents the real feel of connecting them with the nature within a building. The Time Square Residence gives its own definition to the standard of living and creates a community to interact with each other through the medium of architecture merged with the nature in terms of both domains, tangible and intangible.

  • – Ar. Junaid Rahman



“Appealing to the society and the times with an attitude of constantly challenging and pursuing new values”, Time Square Residence is a remarkable addition to the laurels in construction achieved by Shakrial and Co. A perfect place to reside with your loved ones with all contemporary style of amenities that boost your living into different level, the apartments have been designed for the modern professional who seeks to step in the advanced level life but yet desires for the simplicity. Customer service & satisfaction have been the top most priority of our firm and going forward, we hope we can continue to rely on your enduring support and encouragement.

– Mustansar Mushtaq



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