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TIME SQUARE TRADE CENTRE is an eight storey mix-use building in Topcity-1, Islamabad with the most naturally adorned landscape. Plus 2 floors of commercial shops for reputed brand outlets, 3 floors of executive offices for multinationals and 3 floors of apartments for the premium customer. The building defines itself with the contemporary architecture style combined with roman architecture to enhance new architecture elements to make use of oversized windows to invite an abundance of natural light and large open spaces, spacious terraces and atrium providing a sense of airiness and beautiful experience within a building. The building’s symmetry has given a unique shape to the Time Square Trade Centre and features it eco-friendly and the mark of creativity.


TOPCITY-1 is a thriving hub perfectly positioned amongst the New Islamabad International Airport, Motorway M-1 -M-2, Kashmir highway and Metro route connecting new Islamabad International Airport to the main city.

This vibrant community is just a minute away from the new Islamabad International Airport, Metro Mass transit and a few minutes away from Motorway M-1 – M-2 and Kashmir highway, which connects Islamabad City all the way from the new Islamabad International Airport to the downtown.